Embargo on the sale and production of paint” in 2008 is groundless

        Paint association said that “embargo on the sale and production of paint” is groundless.[2005-07-08]

        excerpt from web sina-China coating original material trading center webIt's being rumored within the industry that china will prohibit the sale and production of solvent coating(commonly known as paint). For this, Vice chairwoman of National coating industry association point out that, in 2008 a industry adjustment is a hard nut to crack..

        confronting with the rumor,? Ms yang said that as early as February this year,? National coating industry association has found the similar reporting, then asked the relevant media for the evidence, but the reporter can say nothing in certain terms,?Ms yang make a point that the industry adjustment is a hard nut to crack. china will prohibit the sale and production of solvent coating in 2008 and EU has prohibited the sale and production and use of solvent coating in 2004 that is wrong and groundless information. 

        Until now, many countries in EU still produce and apply oil paint.? The regulation that EU has prohibited the sale and production and use of solvent coating in 2004 is unrealistic. Technique director duanzhimei said.“after 4000 years history, oil paint die hard.”Oil paint has a history of 4,000 years in China. And? Dayu is the first person who invent oil paint. And Chuang-tzu is the first person who study the oil paint coating method, the traditional culture of oil paint that have a history of several thousand years die hard. General manager guo of a brand of coating wood lacquer said that the history that foreigner apply oil paint date back to 14th century, which was introduced by China, up to now,? waterborne wood lacquer product take up 30%% to 40% market share in foreign market. The rumor of forbidden the use of oil paint is untenable. 

        Guo make a point that in present stage in the operational performance, majority waterborne wood lacquer features varnish film degree of hardness, fullness, high temperature, corrosion resisting, compared with oil painting, all these physical performance also has the obvious disparity, there are some shortcomings in the construction aspect including many difficulty and long cycle, temporarily also with difficulty adapts Chinese's consumption custom, if you does not pay attention to the he new tabletop protection , the desk will become blotched in less than one year.
        "for a long time, the people will turn pale at the mention of the harmful substance such as benzene, the heavy metal, formaldehyde and so on, but the substance in the harmful paint which exceeded the allowed standard mostly produced by the rare not informal factory, the formaldehyde exceeding the allowed figure is mostly a result of applying inferior plate." Card Dan paint northwest marketing company in charge Liu Jianchao said, if apply the regular factory product, may avoid deleterious substance exceeding the allowed figure. Therefore, the way to solve house contamination decoration concern lies not in widely promoting waterborne lacquer paint, but lies in the controls the production and sale of the inferior wooden lacquer