Mould and bake and unusually handle the scheme

Abnormal baked-enamel coating handling program

Paint can appear unusual state all kinds of in the course of application, as the saying goes " paint account for 30%, construction account for 70%", generally speaking, all these can be solved by adjusting the construction craft, or fine-tuning thinner, Now we explain the common unusual problem and method as follows:
First, lifting (burned rubber), have bright print, combine line not covered 
1: Improvement of construction viscosity. (Can refer to Number 2 cup 9.5 to 12.5 Second)
2: Reduce the thinner intensity, can add right amount of different cube alcohol, different propanol (generally in order to make 5% to 10% of the whole quantity of thinner.  )
3: Belong to part lifting , spray at the lifting position, after dry up, then spray normally.
4: Belong to part bright print, spray at the bright print part thinly. (Lesser spray oil)
5: Turn down the temperature of baked-enamel coating. (adjustable below 50 ℃)
Second, coating film turn white (form fog)
air humidity is so high that coating film turn white, Mainly try every possible means to reduce the moisture in the air compressor air.
1: coating film turn white (form fog), can add 3% to 7%  dutylcellosolve in the thinner.
2: preheat mould (Substrates) and stretch out, spraying when being not cool.
3: the coated mould should be baked and stretched quickly. Trying hard to shorten the residence time of membrane .
4: increase baking and stretching temperature appropriately.
5: The constant temperature and permanent wet devices are installed in spraying and coating workshop. (The most thorough method)  
Third, coating membrane have water drops and oil drops.1: polish clean the mould surface with the white electric oil or isopropanol in vain.
2: Eliminate the moisture in the air compressor. (Drain off water, add the air filter device)
3: in prepared paint add 0.5% to 1% oil resistance agent.
Fourth, paint membrane has peels of tangerines, which lead to the bad flow level or silver powder is thicker and blacker
1: Reduce the construction viscosity (can be dropped to Number  2  cup 8.5 ' S )
2: The oil of color has peels of tangerines adjustment spraying gun: Turn the atmospheric pressure down slightly, oil output is increased.
3: The silver powder effect is thicker and blacker, adjust the spray gun to lift up the atmospheric pressure, and the oil output is turned down.
4: while Enter to stretch the mould, keep the temperature not too high,  baking and stretching temperature should be increased from low to high.
5: to Strengthen thinner, can add 5% to 15% butanone or lipoprotein in the thinner. On the premise that the substrate or the stronger thinner is not replaced.

Fifth, coating membrane have particle, and paint have dregs
1: Try hard to filter paint enough, check whether the filter cloth is dense enough and the cleanliness of the air of spraying workshop.
2: dilute the oil with new barrel, filter cloth and spray gun should be washed with butanone (if applied more than two kinds of paint. In a situation that the paint can not be mixed, then a little paint involved will be turned to dreg)
3: to Strengthen thinner, can add 5% to 15%  solvent such as butanone or lipoprotein etc in the thinner. On the premise that the substrate or the stronger thinner is not replaced.
Sixth, coating membrane have not enough hardness ,  alcohol defending can not reach the former level.
1: It has insufficient drying and, and can extend baking and stretching time appropriately.
2: the coating membrane is too thick, and the thickness of the drying membrane Should be at range of 8-13um.
Seventh, bad adhesive force
1: mould releasing agent and greasy dirt exist on the surface, polish clean the mould surface with the white electric oil or isopropanol in vain.
2: if rubber material is too pure, too good and thinner is not strong enough, can add 5% to 15% butanone or lipoprotein in the thinner or replace stronger thinner.
3:if in the rubber material, there are miscellaneous material mixed such as PP 、PE etc, then it is possible that adjust paint and rework the material. The Problem solving described above is only limited to the ordinary paint. Special paint, for instance: Rubbery paint, PU gloss oil, UV gloss oil which may need to do treatment separately. If want to know more detail, please contact our Engineering Department.

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